Unlimited Home Services LLC is an all-inclusive home contractor that does just about everything to improve the exterior and interior of your home, your lawn, and more.
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If you need home remodeling we at Unlimited Home Services LLC are more than welcome to cater to all your renovation needs. Our aim is for you the customer to enjoy your home and have the piece of mind that your new renovations are handled with great care and years of experience with a professional touch you will enjoy showing your friends and family for years to come.

Deck Builders & Restoration Services

How will a simple addition such as an exterior deck be significant enough to purchase one? Well our decks improve the value of any home while giving sheer enjoyment and relaxation to each family member. Most North Carolinians have a sense of nature and fond memories filled with family plus friends in the barbeque State having dinner by the grill. Those grills and our custom-built decks go hand and hand.

Our deck repair, deck painting and deck installations bring more than monetary value to a home. They create wonderful memories to you and yours. So, call us to make new memories or add more fond memories.

Painting Contractors

Interior or exterior paint jobs evoke tranquility, passion and other emotions. We are honored to give your home those same emotions through paint. Adding color to your home will create a soothing atmosphere.

Let us help find the best colors for your home in order to create a tranquil feeling in your home. Our overall goal is make sure our customers expectations have been filled and bring your colors to life.

Vinyl Flooring Install

Vinyl flooring is the #1 inexpensive alternative to stone tile, hardwood and laminate. This flooring is designed to mimic stone tile with an uncanny resemblance to laminate or hardwood. All flooring from this category are deemed water resilient and is durable in bathroom, kitchen and high traffic areas. Vinyl flooring is a superb choice for the quality and price.

General Contractors

Our goal is to continue being a contractor dedicated to remodeling and improving multiple homes for eastern N.C residents. We provide excellent general contracting services, both interior and exterior. Service areas include deck builds, electrical, drywall installations/repairs, interior/exterior home painting and home flooring in a wide variety of ways, as well as sub floor repair and new sub floors. We install Vinyl Flooring with vinyl sheets, vinyl tile & vinyl plank flooring. Hardwood, laminate, carpet installation & repairs. Any commercial flooring installations are available. Lastly our most herald service brick masonry.

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Drywall Installation

Drywall services restore homes and creates new beginnings, especially after flood damage, and wind. Demolition with the removal of all hazardous material is our first concern. Secondly, drywall installation from our vetted staff consisting of drywall hanging and finishing. UHS also creates new beginnings with patio enclosures, framing existing rooms for drywall, etc. Anytime our drywall staff shows up we ensure installations will be ready upon completion.

Laminant Flooring Installation

Laminate flooring is great alternative that helps adds beauty to your home or office. This type of flooring has exhibited good maintenance and durable features. These features, combined with a well trained staff, make a perfect match for excellence.

The best thing about laminate is the selection options. Laminate mirrors hardwood, tile and stone flooring. Giving you several choices to choose from. Another benefit to laminate is that it has scratch, noise and water resistant features. Perfect for those with pets, kids. or high traffic.


Going above and beyond the call of duty with our masonry service is what we do. Our masonry is a treasured family tradition which has created natural beauty throughout the East Coast. Width 40 years of experience under our belt we provide comfort to all of our customers.

Functionality and aesthetics are our focus, and we never miss the mark. Call and allow the journey to begin and another wonderful creation to be born.


Roofing repairs and new roofs are done here at Unlimited Home Services we work on houses and buildings to build, maintain and repair roofs. We use a variety of tools and materials to get the job done. Roofing is our craft that takes time and balance. Our roofers are able to align the shingles or other materials properly in order to protect the house from weather like wind, rain and snow. We also inspect damaged roofs, to give a fair estimated cost and materials to fix or build a roof, install insulation or vapor barriers, we cut materials to fit corners and against walls, and seal everything to avoid leaks. Other roofs may need to be covered in tar and gravel to protect it from the elements.

Lawn Care

At Unlimited Home Services LLC, our goal is to be an all inclusive service provider for all home owners. In order to allow customers to have access to a complete home contractor we have added a lawn service department. This service is like any other service we offer - EXCELLENT. Good prices, fast free quotes and the service is delivered the UHS way.

We trim, mow, blow debris from lawns and sidewalks. As well as pruning trees to create well manicured lawn. UHS goes the extra mile so you don't have too and we are just a call away.

Carpet Installation

Carpet is one of the many services here at Unlimited we pride ourselves with and standby. The fact is, our skill set rivals or shatters any flooring company and our track record proves our boasts. Carpet installs comes natural with our combined experience, therefore any carpet material is within our scope of practice. Allow us to give you that wow effect to your home and make it that more cozy.


Here at Unlimited Home Services our electricians install, maintain and repair electrical wiring, and lighting systems. In order to diagnose any issue we first inspect circuit breakers, and other electrical components. We troubleshoot any electrical issues using the appropriate testing devices. Unlimited Home Services LLC is up to the task, state code guidelines and local building regulations. That’s why Unlimited Home Services LLC contracts with only the best licensed residential electricians for all your in around the home needs.


If you are in need of home improvements or a repair, Unlimited Home Services LLC is the team to turn to. Reasonable prices. Big or small, we'll get the job done - all at affordable prices. Our handyman work is not limited to core home services. We help with small carpentry jobs, handicap ramps, demolition services and other various issues. In addition UHS offers assistance to all the DYI homeowners that need just that small help and guidance from our experienced staff.

Used Appliances

We carry quality used appliances stoves, refrigerators,washers and dryers. All come with a 30 day warranty. We also have delivery and set up for a small separate fee. All appliances are tested and checked to make sure of everything is operating normally so when we deliver to your home you will be able to rest without a doubt knowing you have a quality appliance.

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